What I Wish I’d Known Before Taking A Disney Cruise! Part 1

There’s SOOOO much to know before you take a Disney Cruise! From port excursions and dining reservations to kids’ clubs and who-gets-to-book-first hierarchies — we’ll let you know some of the most important details you need before you cruise with Disney Cruise Line!

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  1. I have been on several cruises with many different cruise lines (Disney, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Norwegian), and Disney is the best cruise line I have been on so far, and that’s not just because I love Disney! If you even take the Disney part out of it, it’s just amazing overall. The service, food, staterooms, and overall vibe are just a cut above the rest. I was initially concerned about the kid aspect, but there really wasn’t an annoying amount of little kids! There also was plenty of adult only shows. However, if you are looking to “party” this is not for you. Pretty much the ship shuts down at midnight! Yes, the price is h8gh but if you can afford it I HIGHLY recommend going on a Disney cruise. It’s not something I’ll be able to afford often but I definitely want to do it again! 😊

  2. You spelt Castaway Cay wrong

  3. For Port Adventures, to keep the kids from getting too hungry, we would use room service to order uncrustables sandwiches (which we left unopened) and also unopened bags of chips from Cabannas to take with us. This worked very well for us.

  4. Not sure if its because I spent years in the Navy and spent way too much time out to sea but I would rather spend the money to stay at a nice resort at Disney World rather than spend it on a cruise, we did it when my son was 4 and to be honest it really wasn’t worth the money.

  5. So just for clarification, if I do get the international service through my phone will it work on the ship? Because it was mentioned that there is no cellular service?

  6. I never book shore excursions through the cruises
    They rip you off so damn much
    However the wait for you if you are late is pretty good

  7. Are specialty non-alcoholic drinks like smoothies, coffees or virgin juice mixes for kids also included with meals or are they an upcharge?

  8. I feel like I know the answer already but…. what are the chances of getting a cabana 75 days out? (it’s okay to laugh) impossible?

  9. Disney does not offer Alcohol packages like other cruises, yes they offer a limited # of wine and beer packages or the discounted beer glass, but not the “drink as much as you want” packages. Some people complain that they don’t offer these , which if you think about it you should understand that Disney does not want a whole bunch of drunk adults around kids.

    • +Catalina Rivas it depended on what beer you choose, but Generally round the $7-10 range for the refill. it is a 22 oz mug and refill for the 16 oz price. If you purchase it then you can bring it to future cruises as well.

    • Do you know how much the beer is after purchasing the beer glass?

  10. If you book an excursion, I suggest you only book through the cruise line. It may cost you more but they will wait for you to return to the ship no matter how late you return. If you book an excursion on your own the cruise will only wait for you for a limited amount of time and if your not back it becomes your problem to get to the next port. Not worth the worry for a few extra dollars for booking through the cruise. I have been and seen both. I’ve been on a cruise where a couple was over an hour late in returning and after an hour the captain left and the couple had to make it to the next post on their own. We found out they did but they had to charter a small plane to take them to the next port. I was also on a tour bought through the cruise line, and the bus broke down on the way back to the ship. It took over 2 hours to get the part to fix it and about 30 minutes to repair the bus. We arrived back at the ship about 5 or 6 hours part departure time but the ship was waiting for us because the tour was booked through the ship and we were about 20 passengers. The ship just cruised at a faster rate to the next port so we got in only about an hour later than originally scheduled.

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