What Disney Cast Members Wish You Knew Before You Come To Disney World

Disney cast members are THE BEST. And they’re also the MOST knowledgable people about the way Walt Disney World works. We asked cast members who follow us on instagram to let us know what they wish guests knew before they stepped foot in Disney World…and we got some GREAT answers!

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  1. I’m super sick right now and watching your videos makes me super happy and healthyfeeling for some reason. I love this channel

  2. I can’t see your post on this on instagram I want to see more responses

  3. My daughter on her birthday couldn’t see Phantasmiks because of lightning. That cast member ran after us when we moved on and gave my daughter a special pin and wished her happy birthday. You guys are incredible!

  4. If only the app worked properly

  5. I’ve made a special note of the hashtag and twitter page, I didn’t know that it existed and even though I seldom use Twitter normally, I’ll definitely be using it quite regularly to compliment the amazing cast experiences we have when we’re out there next year.

  6. I remember me and my family waiting 2 hrs for the E.T ride, At NO POINT Did We/Would we Moan at the Staff! I have a hard job in Britain’s NHS and i Guess These Guys jobs can be stressful.

  7. I worked in Tomorrowland as a QSFB cast member last summer! + being able to make magical moments was 1000% the best part of the job! I think i got way too excited and gave way too many each day 😂🤫

  8. All this talk about the App makes me wonder if Disney World offers wifi in the park.
    I’d love to use it when I go, but at the same time the roaming fees would probably put me into student-class debts….

  9. Please no yelling or making fun of attractions cast because they stopped the stand-by line so fast pass can enter.

  10. If you want to ride Kali River Rapids go at the last two hours before park close. Be sure to check to make sure Kali doesn’t close before the park close.

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