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Since Megan (my sister) and I are going to Disney World very soon (we’ll already be there by the time you see this), I decided that we should do some Disney trivia to see how well we really know Disney. I found the perfect quiz for us, a Buzzfeed quiz called “The Ultimate Disney Trivia Quiz.”

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My Magic Band for my next trip has arrived, but I can’t recall what color I chose! Let’s find out while looking at three things about Magic Bands you may not know.


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hi everyone! today’s video was so much fun to film. I love disney so much and I really loved sitting and talking to a camera for over and hour and just chatting about it 🌸

if you’re heading to walt disney world soon, I hope that this helped you out a bit! if I knew these things before going last year it would have been great! there are so many things all around walt disney world that I’d recommend to do! if you want to see a video on that, make sure to either comment down below, or message me on Instagram 💫

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thank you all so much for watching, I will see you all very soon! byeeee x


hi everyone! my name’s maddie and I’m a 15 year old, british school girl who’s currently doing their gcses. balancing youtube with school is really hard but I try my best to upload as regularly as I can! disney has been a huge part of my life ever since I was younger (you’ll understand if you follow my Instagram). hope you all enjoy my content! love maddie x

Disney World is making major changes to the way they price their theme park tickets.  Beginning October 16, customers booking theme park tickets to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando will see prices based on the dates they’re looking to visit rather than prices that vary by park, as has been the case in the past, the company announced via an official blog post and video. Whether this practice makes tickets generally more or less expensive for buyers remains to be seen.  For the first time ever, Disney is also offering seasonal pricing for multi-day tickets, and the tickets will be priced differently based on the exact date visitors want to use them. If they want to book with flexible dates, they’ll pay more.  RELATED: Disney World Is Offering Princess Makeovers to Adults Who Want to Fulfill Their Childhood Dreams  “Our new online vacation-planning destination offers several new tools designed to simplify the booking experience for guests and help them easily customize their visit based on their unique needs and interests,” Jacquee Wahler, a spokesperson for Walt Disney World Resort tells PEOPLE in a statement. “As we continue to expand by adding world-class attractions and amazing entertainment, we also are introducing date-based tickets and pricing, which gives guests tailored choices and better allows us to spread attendance throughout the year to improve the guest experience.”  Changes to multi-day tickets are coming too. Currently, customers who purchase multi-day tickets aren’t stuck with exact dates on which they need to be used, but customers must use them on consecutive days within an agreed upon 14-day period. Under the new system, visitors who purchase a three-day pass will have a five-day window within which to use it, for a four-day ticket, they have six days, and so on.  If it all sounds a little confusing, the Disney Parks Mom’s Panel is there to help. Tips from the elite group of layperson Disney pros are sprinkled throughout the booking process.  The blog post also announces that Disney will offer customers the use of an interactive online calendar that shows them which dates each month are priced the lowest, and tips will pop up at the bottom of the screen to show guests which months and dates have the cheapest pricing options.  RELATED: Toy Story Land Is Here! 5 Hidden Gems at Disney’s Awww-Inspiring New Destination  The new pricing strategy is not surge pricing, according to a representative for the company. Instead, it’s meant to be an extension of their current seasonal pricing strategy, as the ticket prices will be preset based on park demand and will not fluctuate based on how many people book tickets for a period of time.  Exact ticket prices won’t be released until October 16, but the Disney rep tells PEOPLE that one-day park tickets will range from $109-$129 pre-tax. They are currently $102-$129 per day. Disney World is Majorly Changing How They Price Tickets: What to Know Before You Book – News today

All of us grew up with Disney but do we really know Disney?

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