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Upcoming Disney Live Action Sequels You Didn’t Know About
We’ve got the 6 Disney live action sequels that are currently in development and probably you didn’t know about them. Based on the recent box office success of Disney’s live action remakes like the lion king, Aladdin and Beauty and the beast. Disney has now started working on their sequels.
In this video we will talk about Aladdin sequel and prequel, Beauty and the beast sequel, Oz the great and powerful sequel and many more. After the huge success of Beauty and the Beast Disney decided to develop sequel to its best live action films. we have collected a list of all those sequels that are in development and probably you didn’t know about them. I hope you will like Upcoming Disney Live Action Sequels You Didn’t Know About

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Top 10 Disney Princesses You Didn’t Know Were Superheroes
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Disney has a whole category of nerdy out there to explore some princesses deserve to be superheroes in their own right. These are the Top 10 Disney Princesses You Didn’t Know Were Superheroes.

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Sing along with Sofia and Princess Mulan in this brand new song from the magical new story of Sofia the First, “Princesses to the Rescue!” On a trip to Wei-Ling, Sofia and Amber must rescue their families from a treasure-hoarding tiger.Along the way, Mulan helps them see that even little princesses can achieve big things.

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Mulan is the most courageous Disney Princess! She’s resourceful and smart.

Are you a fan of Mulan? Then watch the video and find out all her traits!

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The Disney Live Action Disney remakes of their classic animated movies list just keeps getting longer and longer and cannot and will not be stopped. 2019 sees the releases of The Lion King and Aladdin with the Will Smith blue Genie. Join Debbie as she takes a look at all the other upcoming ones. Thanks for watching!

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Check Out How These Deleted Scenes Would Have Made These Disney Movies Much Sadder
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Incredibles 2: Deleted Scenes That Could Have Changed Everything
5 Lion King Theories That Change Everything ► https://youtu.be/6eNMpCxVdAM

These deleted scenes from your favorite Disney movies will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about characters and plotlines. Even the most loyal Disney fan can still be surprised by saddest scenes the studio decided not to keep in the final cut of the most beloved movies. From alternate endings that would totally change movies like “Lion King,” to shocking opening scenes in films like “Incredibles” that will make your stomach turn, prepare to be shocked.

Thought you knew “Toy Story”’s Woody and “Frozen”’s Elsa? Just wait until you meet Evil Elsa and Bad Woody! You won’t believe what “Pinocchio”’s Geppetto considered doing inside the whale, or what could have happened to Pudge the fish in “Lilo & Stitch”. You might even have to hold back tears as you watch sad scenes that never made the cut in “Cars,” “Zootopia,” “Mulan,” and “Emperor’s New Groove”. See them all in this video, and let us know which deleted scene you find the saddest of them all.

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This video has everything you need to know about Shop Disney’s new monthly collection for 2019, the Wisdom Collection. I take a closer look at the first 3 months and give my predictions for upcoming plushes through 2019.

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Let me know in the comments below what your predictions are for the rest of 2019, lets see if we’re right when the time comes!

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