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Howdy, friends! In today’s video, I talk about my favorite features of the My Disney Experience app. This app is a companion to your Walt Disney World vacation, so it is really important that you get to know some of the most important features! The app can save you time and frustration on your vacation, so take a look-see at this video to prepare yourself! I actually LOVE the app (despite it’s propensity to crash)…don’t @me!!

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My name is Liz and I love all things Disney parks! I started this youtube channel to share my knowledge and to meet people who love Disney as much as I do.

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hi everyone! today’s video was so much fun to film. I love disney so much and I really loved sitting and talking to a camera for over and hour and just chatting about it 🌸

if you’re heading to walt disney world soon, I hope that this helped you out a bit! if I knew these things before going last year it would have been great! there are so many things all around walt disney world that I’d recommend to do! if you want to see a video on that, make sure to either comment down below, or message me on Instagram 💫

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thank you all so much for watching, I will see you all very soon! byeeee x


hi everyone! my name’s maddie and I’m a 15 year old, british school girl who’s currently doing their gcses. balancing youtube with school is really hard but I try my best to upload as regularly as I can! disney has been a huge part of my life ever since I was younger (you’ll understand if you follow my Instagram). hope you all enjoy my content! love maddie x