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Reist u naar de Verenigde Staten? Dan heeft u een ESTA nodig. Een ESTA is een verplichte reistoestemming om zonder visum naar Amerika te mogen vliegen. Vraag het vereiste ESTA aan via https://visumbuitenland.be/amerika. Aanvragen duurt ongeveer 5 minuten. Het ESTA wordt vervolgens per e-mail naar u toegestuurd. Bij spoedaanvragen gemiddeld al na 17 minuten.

Moet ik een ESTA aanvragen?
Zonder een ESTA krijgt u geen toegang tot Amerika! Om Amerika binnen te reizen zonder visum heeft u als Nederlander of Belg een ESTA nodig in 2018 en 2019. Deze aanvraag is verplicht om naar Amerika (USA) te reizen zonder visum, anders wordt u standaard geweigerd op uw vlucht naar de USA. Een luchtvaartmaatschappij mag u zonder geldig ESTA namelijk niet meenemen. Ook als u Amerika moet inreizen als tussenstop, om vervolgens op korte termijn weer door te reizen naar een ander land, moet u een ESTA aanvragen voor uw korte verblijf in Amerika. Als u dus bijvoorbeeld naar Panama vliegt met een tussenlanding in de Verenigde Staten (en u de luchthaven niet verlaat), vereist de VS een geldige ESTA.

Wat is een “ESTA”?
ESTA is een afkorting en staat letterlijk voor: “Electronic System for Travel Authorization”, wat neer komt op een verplichte elektronische reistoestemming. Nadat de aanvraag is goedgekeurd, wordt deze automatisch gedeeld met uw luchtvaartmaatschappij en de Amerikaanse douane. Een ESTA is dus geen document zoals een visum (https://visumbuitenland.be/amerika/visum), maar een reistoestemming die u vooraf moet aanvragen om de USA binnen te reizen. Zo weet de US vooraf wie er het land binnen wil reizen.

U kunt direct het ESTA aanvragen via https://visumbuitenland.be/amerika. Mocht u vragen hebben dan kunt u het beste eerst de veel gestelde vragen bekijken op deze website. Vaak heeft u zo snel een antwoord op uw vraag. Wij wensen u alvast een voorspoedige reis en een prettig verblijf in de VS.

Hallo Leute,

in diesem Video erfahrt ihr einige Details zu den nachfolgenden Nichteinwanderungs-Visa:

B1 – Businessvisum und
B2 – Touristenvisum

2011년 이후 방북 이력 있으면 ESTA 통한 美 무비자 입국 불가

From now on, anyone who has visited North Korea or lived there at any time since March 2011 will not be allowed into the United States using its special visa waiver system known as ESTA.
They’ll have to apply for an ordinary visa.
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced the new measures on Monday.
ESTA allows people from 38 countries including South Korea to visit the U.S. for up to 90 days without a visa.
There are only a few exceptions for diplomats and military-related cases
The U.S. applies similar restrictions to people who have visited certain other countries including Iraq, Iran and Syria.
According to Seoul’s Unification Ministry, this rule change will apply to some 37-thousand South Koreans.

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You should have all of the below information ready when starting the ESTA application:
Full name and date of birth
Passport information (passport number, country of issue, expiry date)
Credit card information (card number, expiry date, CVV)

Do I ever need to re-apply for a travel authorization?
You may consider submitting a new application if any of this is true in your situation:

My passport has expired, and I have received a new passport
I have changed my legal name
I have changed my legal gender
I have changed my citizenship
My life circumstances have changed in a way that would make any of your previous ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses to ESTA questions no longer applicable

Your previous ESTA authorization expires, either because your passport has expired or because two years have elapsed since your authorization was granted

The United States developed an electronic travel authorization system for its Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The ESTA system ensures that visa-free travel is more secure and allows nationals of countries that participate in the VWP to obtain their travel authorization online.

Who may apply for ESTA?
If you plan to visit the United States as part of the VWP by air or by sea, you may apply for a travel authorization. All travelers who have not secured a visa (infants included) should obtain an authorization before traveling to the United States. You may apply by utilizing a third party on any traveler’s behalf to obtain the ESTA.

Is a Visa and the ESTA the same thing?
The ESTA authorization is not a visa. It is a pre-clearance to travel under the VWP, which is designed to allow travelers to bypass the time-consuming visa process. The ESTA authorization is not equivalent to a United States visa by any means, and cannot be substituted for a visa in situations where a visa for travel is required. You do not need an ESTA if you already possess a valid visa.

Can I apply for an ESTA without access to the Internet?
ESTA is an online system, and Internet access is needed. However, travelers without Internet access can engage a third party (a service agent, travel agent, relative, or friend) to submit their ESTA application on their behalf. No matter the case, you are still the legally responsible party for any answers submitted on your behalf

Step 1 is to complete an ESTA application.
Go to the ESTA website and fill out the application provided with the required information: The list above as well as your current travel arrangements, your credit card information, and all the security questions. An application must be submitted for all members of your party who do not have a visa. This includes minors.

Make payment for the ESTA Application Fee.
Make a payment for utilizing our review and processing services of $89.00 USD. The cost includes the mandatory US government fee of $4.00 USD processing fee (that is outlined in the Travel Promotion Act, 2009), and $10.00 USD if your application goes through successfully and is approved.

Receive your ESTA by e-mail.
You will normally receive your ESTA travel authorization within a few hours. However, the reviewing, and the processing of an application may take longer. In this case, you can expect your travel authorization emailed to you within at least 72 hours.

You can only receive one of three total application statuses:
Approved. The system will provide a printable PDF document of your approval and a receipt for your payment card records, and you are authorized to travel under the Visa Waiver Program. However, an ESTA authorization does not guarantee admission to the U.S. A Customs and Border Protection officer will inspect you before entering the U.S., who will determine your eligibility to enter the United States.

Not Authorized. In this case, you have not been authorized to utilize the Visa Waiver Program to travel to the United States. This is not a denial of entry into the United States, or that you cannot travel to the U.S., but simply that you are not eligible for the Visa Waiver Program. You may visit the U.S. Embassy to discuss how to obtain a visa.

Pending. If your status is “Pending”, it means that an immediate determination cannot be made by the system, and your travel authorization is under further review. In this case, you will receive the necessary information to check your application status after 72 hours.

You are not required to bring a paper printout of your ESTA status with you on your trip. The DHS will have an electronic record of your authorization. However, it is recommended that you have your printout available if any questions should arise during your trip.


1. What is US ESTA?
ESTA is an abbreviation for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. The government of the United States developed ESTA as an online application system to help in pre-screening the travelers before being allowed to board a ship or airplane headed to the United States.

2. What is the difference between ESTA application and Visa?
The ESTA approval is not a Visa.

3. Do I need ESTA if the United States is only my transit country in my trip?
Yes, you need ESTA if the United States is only your transit country in your trip.

4. How to check ESTA status and when does it Expire?
You need to check the status of your ESTA Travel Authorization. You can do ir in our website:

5. Is ESTA a requirement for children?
Yes, children need to have a valid ESTA to travel to the US.

6. What kind of documents do I need if I want to apply ESTA online?
You must have a special passport known as an e-passport.

7. Can I apply for ESTA for my friend or family member?
Yes, it is possible to apply ESTA for friends or family members through collective ESTA application.

8. What would happen if I travel to the USA without ESTA?
If the correct procedure is followed, you would be denied boarding the airline or ship whichever means you chose to travel with if you travel to the US without ESTA.

9. What do I need to do if I am denied my ESTA?
Once you are denied the ESTA application, the option is to apply for a visa known as non-immigrant visa at the Embassy of the United States or Consulate.

10. What do I need to do if my ESTA expired?
You need to reapply for a brand new authorization if your ESTA has expired through submission of a new application.

11. How many days can I be in the USA with ESTA?
While in possession of ESTA, you are allowed to stay in the US for 90 days or less.

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ESTA Visa Application is needed for all visitors to USA that comes from the VWP countries. Need help applying?

ESTA Visa Stati Uniti – Online Visa Waiver Program Italia

Ottenere l’ESTA è facile se sai come farlo! Il tuo viaggio negli USA inizia da qui.


Wie beantrage ich das ESTA-Visum und was muss ich dabei besonders beachten? Das ESTA Formular ist eine Grundvoraussetzung und das wichtigste Dokument, um in die USA einreisen zu können. Hier zeigen wir dir die einzelnen Schritte für die Beantragung und geben dir hilfreiche Tipps, damit deiner nächsten Traumreise nichts mehr im Weg steht.

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