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Disney hacks that will change your Disney experience!
This is my first time vlogging lmao. I don’t know how to vlog.

My brothers and I went to Disney World with our childhood best friend, Dominique, who lives in New Jersey. Our family friend, Ken took us to Disney.

I recorded this in 2017 haha.
Hope you enjoy!

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Hey everyone!!
Welcome to my channel! In todays video I am sharing my top tips and hints if you will be visiting Walt Disney World Orlando Florida! These are great for first timers or if you have been before! I do hope you find this helpful!

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D23 or Disney 1923 club
This is something that most people don’t know about
If you do then ur probably a Die Hard Disney Fan
This is an exclusive Club; that is actually Disney’s one and only club.
If your curious this is how why when and what D23 is.
The Pros and Cons
How you can join and why you would
How it could be beneficial to you

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These are some of the craziest secrets and facts you may have not realized about Disney, Disney Princesses and more!

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25 Secret Facts DISNEY Doesn’t Want You To Know!


Hey y’all!!! I have less than a month left until my check-in date SO I decided to do the dcp tag, hope you enjoy! also I randomly ended up with a coconut so that’s cool. Also I finally decided to make an intro for my channel – I might never use it again or it might become my new thing idk but anyways I hope you enjoy!
PSA- I got this video idea from my froomie Rachel so make sure you go check out her video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVWLxOSq9So&t=1s