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Spider-Man In The MCU: The Truth About The Disney Sony Deal Revealed In Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Move & Spider-Man 3. I break down Spider-Man 3 at Sony and how we know Disney’s Star Wars may have caused the collapse.

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with the announcement today that Kevin Feige will be developing a Star Wars film for Disney, things look bleak for Spider-man with it looking less and less likely that he will be back in the MCU.

Now, if you’ve been keeping up to date with the channel you’ll know that we’ve been referring to Tom Holland as Schroedingers Spider just for the sheer amount of times that he’s in and out. This is pretty much the movie equivalent of the hokey cokey and in light of the recent news, I thought I’d take a step back, weigh up the entire situation and give my opinion on everything.

There’s so many rumors and false reports flying about at the moment that I’m purely going to stick to the facts with this so we can get a clearer picture of exactly what’s going on.

Flash back to what feels like a lifetime ago and we got the announcement that negotiations between Disney and Sony were at a standstill and that the character had been removed from the co-ownership that had gone on since his appearance in Civil War. At D23 both Kevin Feige and Tom Holland stated that they were happy with the opportunities that they had been given but that going forward the character would be solely under Sony.

Now a big factor in this dissolving of the contract was that Feige was focused on other projects at Disney and that he didn’t have time to work alongside Sony Studios for the 5% revenue share that Disney was getting under the old contract. In light of todays news I think it’s clear that Disney agreed that Feige would work on Star Wars and this is why he was unable to divide his time further.

Days after D23 Holland announced that he would indeed be in Spider-man 3 and that he had discussed the idea with Sony and they were going forward on the project. Since then Sony Ceo Tony Vinciquerra stated that the door was currently closed but that going forward there may be an opportunity to work together once more.

Cut to today and if you stand back and look at everything I think it’s pretty clear what’s been going on. Disney no doubt wanted Feige to basically come in and save Star Wars and thus the idea of him giving up a large wealth of his time for Spider-man just didn’t seem right. Decisions like the announcement today are made months in advance before they ever see the light of day in the press and I think it’s pretty clear that Feige had pretty much agreed to do Star Wars.

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