Reasons Why The DISNEY DREAM is BETTER Than the Disney Fantasy

I let you know the three things I like much better on the Disney Dream, as opposed to the Disney Fantasy. If you have been searching on which Disney Cruise Line ship is better, the Disney Fantasy or the Disney Dream, this video is for you. Check out the rest of the Disney Cruisers channel for everything you need to know about your Disney Cruise planning! #DisneyCruisersForLife #DisneyCruisers #DisneyCruise


  1. My wife and I are doing our honeymoon on the fantasy so I have no preference yet.

  2. I can not wait to go on the Disney Dream for my first Disney Cruise. March 2019 can not come fast enough.

  3. Hi Ashley!!!! I’m new to your channel. I’ve been watching for about a month now. Thank you for all your advice, tips and suggestions about Disney cruise. I can’t to go on my next cruise in November on the Fantasy for the Merrytime cruise. I’ve only gone on the Dream, so this vlog has helpful observations for both ships. It will be fun to compare and contrast both ships when I disembark from my cruise. Thank you for all your videos. Continue to give us fun facts about Disney cruising. Have a magical day!!!!

  4. Great video. Can you do a video on the best restaurants for kids in the rotational dining? My kids enjoyed Animators Over the Royal Palace.

  5. Thank you for all yourinfo, we are going n the 1th

  6. You should do a video with your husband to see what he likes to!

  7. Yay, I love your videos

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