Post Disney College Program Q&A || What you NEED to know!!

Hi y’all!!

I actually filmed this video back in October when I was home for the weekend because I knew I wouldn’t be filming at school. I am currently in the middle of finals week right now at school, but will be going home soon for winter break!!

These questions are pretty old, but I hope they help some of y’all who are either already in the program, about to start one or are thinking about applying. I hope y’all enjoy 🙂 Much love!!!


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  1. Abby's Crazy Life

    December 10, 2018 at 4:17 pm

    I’m doing spring 2019 and I’m so nervous to leave my family and my pets. Mainly my cat Bc she has lung cancer and she’s my everything. But Ik I can just FaceTime my parents to see her or even if I have a weekend off I can fly home to see her. Also what’s the top 5 things u recommend I buy and bring before the program? (I’m driving)

  2. I’m from Dallas and want to do DCP too!

  3. I’ve missed your videos!! I loved this video! Good luck on finals, Madissen!!

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