I Bet You Don’t Know Who Sang This Great Classic Disney Song.

I Bet You Don’t Know Who Sang This Great Classic Disney Song.

When You Wish Upon a Star.

Looking through a book on the classic era of ukulele, I learned that a ukulele player and singer was the voice of Jiminy Cricket in the movie Pinocchio, and sang When You Wish Upon a Star. His name was Cliff Edwards. He was also called Ukulele Ike and had had a #1 hit Singin’ in the Rain in 1929.

Ukulele Heroes: The Golden Age, Ian Whitcomb


  1. Wow, i had no idea that Cliff Edwards was the person who sang “Wish upon a Star”. Nor did I know that he played the ukulele!! That is very interesting information rich. Thanks a million for sharing that with all of us. I think it is nice to learn new things. My dad used to say that if you wake up and get out of bed, you are going to learn something new that day. I feel, that you also have to have an open mind to achieve that as well.

    I am wondering if the places that all of your hats are from, are places that you have been.

    • Cliff Edwards makes a nice little study assignment for people wanting to learn about ukulele. Very interesting person. If you really listen to Wish upon a Star and imagine a cricket singing it…well, that’s a pretty cool thing! This is one of the top movie songs in history. Now, about my hats. I’ve never been to Niagara Falls, the Rock n Roll museum, or Cliff’s store in Washington state. I’ve been to hundreds of large and small towns across the Southeast and many other places, but I don’t collect hats from places. I get my hats, mostly, from thrift stores locally. I like hats other people have purchased and never or seldom worn and look cool. When I was buying and selling exercise equipment, I’d also check out the hats. When we traveled to different places, we’d go to thrift stores for amusement and I might find a hat. My green Cliff’s General Store hat (about a place in Washington) was purchased in Florida. Thanks, again, Starr for your comments, interest, and for so many video topics! Rich

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