EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Walt Disney World MagicBands!

We’re dishing the details on EVERYTHING MagicBands — Disney World’s high tech bracelet that serves as your room key, park ticket and SO MUCH MORE!


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  1. I have well over 7 active magic bands so I don’t believe there is a limit as indicated in this video.

  2. Love ur videos

  3. The magic in the magic band is being able to pay for it. It’s easy to spend money when all you have to do is swipe your wrist. It’s handy but it can get very expensive. Disney has perfected the art of getting you to spend more money because “you’re on vacation”. Florida residents get discounts because they aren’t on vacation but the rest of us suckers pay out the nose. Think about what we really do, pay big money to wait 1.5 hours in Florida heat to ride a 4 minute ride and buy overpriced souvenirs and food. Yet we can’t wait to do it again. If you owned a business an tried to hire workers to do that nobody would apply for the job. Humans are strange animals !

  4. I want the forky magic band sooo bad


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