Here we give you all our tips about the Disney dining plan and provide information that will be useful for anyone thinking of doing it.

Here is the link to our top 3 WDW restaurants that we ate in using the dining plan!

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  1. Fiona & Scott's Adventures

    January 11, 2019 at 4:21 pm

    First up guys, it’s great to see you back! A three week gap between videos is just TOO long! This was a great video full of lots of information. From this video, and seeing your previous videos, I’m sold on the dining plan now! I never thought I would be but you guys have convinced me!

    Pity we only got to hear Flynn and not see him but hopefully next time! I’ve also got to say to James that the refill mugs turned me into a (cherry) coke addict! I couldn’t enough of them! I would drink as much as a I could and would insist on not leaving for the parks without my morning fix and it the food court was the first place I’d head to when back we were back at the resort!

  2. The Disney GrownUps

    January 11, 2019 at 4:21 pm

    Hi guys and welcome back! Glad to hear you got and framed our love letter made of tears 😂😂😂 Loving your hair Jayne.
    Although it has been a couple of years now since we went to WDW when we went we didn’t have the dining plan and found that prices had really gone up sine we had last been (which was about five years) we love Crystal Palace and always eat there, back in 2003 when we first went we could get a meal for $23.99 and we got nearly $2 to the £! Happy times. Last time we went it cost us almost $100 for the two of us and the tip was huge! So we agree the dining plan would be a good thing to have. Good tip to book ‘backwards’ …but damn now you have told everyone!
    We had breakfast in BOG and loved it, sorry James. We sat in the main dining area and had snow falling outside the window next to us…magical! 😂 you just need to embrace it James.
    You are right DFB is great for info.
    Yes you are a cute couple haha. Also loved the noise interaction from Flynn in the background 🐶
    Excited to see your new plans for this year. Thanks for the info guys ☺️

  3. Great info!

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