Disney World FastPass Tips The PROS Use; and You Should, Too!!

There’s A LOT to know about Fastpass+ at Walt Disney World and today we’ve got the secrets and tips you NEED to know before you go!

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  1. When an attraction goes down (and you had a fast pass), you don’t get a “bonus” fast pass. Your fast pass turns into a multiple experience, so you can use that anywhere else in the park that day (some stipulations) or you can wait for the attraction to come back up. “Bonus” makes it sound like it’s an extra fast pass.

  2. Does anyone know if fast passes are easier to get if your party is only two people vs four people?

  3. Or you could get disney magical VIP tour expirence, and never have to worry about scheduling, with unlimited fast passes (tour is a seperate charge) have a magical day at disney

  4. Maxpass at Disneyland/DCA > Fastpass+ at WDW q

  5. I just rang Disney about getting the extra fast passes on club level and they said that no such thing exists. Has anyone got 6 fast passes before ? As talked of in this video. Thanks

  6. Question: can two people from the same party that have downloaded the My Disney experience app each search simultaneously, but for different days of our trip fast passes when the window opens? Let’s say I’m looking for the Saturday of our trip while my husband searches for the Thursday of our trip?

  7. Natalia Flores alejandro

    September 8, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    Me: *reads the title*

    😮 what do you mean I AM the pro 😉

    Also me at Disney:

    I have no clue what we’re doing.

  8. I miss when this channel was a deep dive into Disney Food. It’s just Disney Basics now. Sad

  9. This is way too much work for a so-called vacation

    • Begs the question: why are you using social media to get information? Just wing everything once you arrive at your vacation destination and don’t complain when you miss out on something because you didn’t do your homework! Too many whiners here!

  10. Dumb question but I always wondered after you use the FastPass on a ride and you go on said ride can you go on it again with that same FastPass within that time frame your window or once you scan it upon entering that ride it’s done?

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