Disney Dining Plan SECRETS You Need To Know Before You Go to Disney World!

Should you buy the Disney Dining Plan? What SECRETS do you need to know if you’re using it? We’re bringing you ALL the hacks and secret tips to help make your Disney World vacation the BEST trip ever!

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  1. LawLibertyCompassion Justice

    August 31, 2019 at 4:17 pm

    Never EVER order the room service pizza. You are literally giving up $80-120 for a crappy pizza. That’s NUTS!

  2. I just wanted to add Dining Packages for doubling up on beverages. This is where you have a meal and reserved spot for a show (Fantasmic!, Rivers of Light, etc.). It comes with a free non-alcoholic drink. Not sure if it includes specialty beverages, but I was able to get a soda & an alcoholic drink because I had both the DDP & dining package. I bring this up because I wouldn’t have known to try had AJ not mentioned this in a video I saw before last trip.

  3. Ok so for example, if I was using DDP at Le Cellier and got an entree, dessert, and drink but also wanted to get the cheddar soup, I would just pay for the soup out of pocket?

  4. When we rang to book our 2020 holiday, the Disney reservations staff took the time to work out there and then whether it would be worth our while to stay at the Polynesian or to pay more to stay at the Grand Floridian and make use of the free DDP offer. With a party of 5, the offer makes the GF an exceptional deal so that’s where we are staying (for the first time) next year.

  5. Nobody Wants The Thimble

    August 31, 2019 at 4:17 pm

    We just got back from a Disney trip, and saved over $1700 on meals alone with Free Dining.

    Also, when changing QS credits into snack credits, some places are not set up to make that change. We tried doing it at The Emporium, and they said that their registers weren’t set up to make that transaction. The CMs there have been trying to get management to make it so they can, but have had no luck. So if you want to change QS to snacks on Main Street, you have to do it at the Confectionary. (Didn’t try it at the kiosks).

  6. The free dining I’ve done 4 times now and it just makes our vacation! Its awesome not looking at prices and not telling the kids no all the time! We Love it!!!

  7. AJ mentioned using a quick service for 3 snack credits… can this be done at food and Wine if your family is ordering 3 “snack credit” items?

  8. The table service is great because it gives your family an air conditioned break but with multiple sit downs per day it can take a lot of time away from the park

  9. I have been doing a lot of this for a while now. Got free quick service this September and upgraded to the deluxe to take care of family members we are meeting there

  10. We are going on December with the dining plan and we calculated our meals and we are saving about $500

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