Defunctland vs. RobPlays 3: It’s the End of Walt Disney World as We Know It (And Rob Feels Fine)

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Kevin, RobPlays, and Disney Dan face off in the third round of Kevin and Rob’s theme park debate series. Who will come out victorious?

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  1. I actually think that a “Disney buys Cedar Fair/Six Flags, etc.” scenario could work…if done right.

    What I would envision is “Disney-owned, but not necessarily Disney-branded”. Instead of theming these parks after Disney-branded IP (Mickey & Friends, Pixar, Lucasfilm, etc.) like we see at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, theme the Six Flags and/or Cedar Fair parks after IP from 20th Century Fox and maybe even ABC and ESPN. I would even retain the names and NOT add Disney branding. So no “Disney’s Six Flags Over Georgia”, for example. This wouldn’t be too dissimilar to what Paramount did with their parks when they were in the Theme Park business, but probably better executed. Then this way these parks will remain generally what they’ve always been, but now have the added enhancements of better technology and service and an overall customer experience.

  2. Do you all think dolphins is being held for the streaming service as an exclusive?

  3. Damn I’m a full ass adult and I still love Tom Sawyer’s island 😂But then again I’m a full ass adult with no kids or younger siblings who still loves going to Legoland so disregard me

  4. Michael Eisner was a great CEO during the 80’s and the first half of the 90’s (Disneyland Paris’ financial failure, while being his biggest mistake overall, was really the *only* major mistake he made during this time). Once Frank Wells died in 1994 however, it was all downhill from there…

  5. I need an “I miss Michael Eisner” button. Now.

  6. Will you upload to your podcast feed?

  7. In terms of the streaming service, Disney have been sort of trailing it in the UK with DisneyLife and it had all of their vault, hopefully this is what they are doing.

  8. They decided to put Darth Maul in Solo? (trying to hold in laughter)

  9. would they get rid of star tours once Star Wars land opens in Disneyland?

  10. I don’t want Star Wars to be the Land Before Time of my son’s generation, but a movie a year is going to make sure it does and it will be like X Men is now. Those movies were good, but no one remembers that anymore because they overdid it and killed the whole things.

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