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There’s a lot of myths and rumors about Disney World Magic Bands — we’ve got the facts, tips and hacks you need to know!

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Planning a Disney World vacation? Here is everything you need to know before going to Walt Disney World with The Tim Tracker 15:14 enjoy!
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Planning your first trip to Disney World can leave you overwhelmed and confused.

That’s why I’m sharing the best Disney World tips for first timers from a bunch of Disney World pros in this post!

Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan, contains four huge theme parks, two water parks, 25 resorts, and a gargantuan shopping and dining venue. There is no way humanly possible to see it all in a one or even two-week vacation.

I hope I’m driving the point home that since there is no way to see it all, please don’t try. Trying to do too much is the #1 way people ruin their Disney vacation.

But rest assured – almost everything is amazing at Disney World. You will have to make choices during your vacation about what is most important for your family, but no matter what you choose, you will be surprised and delighted.

Do you want to know how to go to Disney alone?

What steps should you take when planning your first solo Disney trip?

Don’t worry what others will think of you. Most people don’t know how to do this type of trip and truly enjoy it.

Well I’m here to help you have the best and easiest solo day at any of the Walt Disney World parks.

Read the full guide here –

Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!


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Need help deciding where to stay in Walt Disney World? Today, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about Value Resorts! What’s your favorite Disney World Resort? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for the rest of our Walt Disney World Resorts series!


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This video is about things you need to know about Moderate resorts at Walt Disney World

OK so a bit different video- Today I am doing Disney Vlogger Q & A Getting to know Me in WDW Magic Kingdom. I was tagged by another friend and youtuber Kelli from Kellies Kingdom to do this awesome Q&A video all about Disney, and disney vlogging. I stepped it up a notch and took my video to the parks. I had so much fun making this video and I hope you enjoyed watching it! If you have any questions your dying to know the answer to let me know below! I will also put the list of questions in the bottom of this video so if you would like to take part in this Disney Youtuber Getting to know you tag you can! The more the better! Also if you haven’t joined out awesome facebook group you should consider it! It truly is one of the most engaging and insightful groups I am so happy to be apart of!

This tag was created by Nina at Wrestling with Disney & Alicia at Cinder Ali Loves Disney.

I was tagged by Kellies Kingdom

And I am going to tag –
Walt Life Salt Life

Darling Disney Diva’s

Laura and Craig

The Questions:
1. When did you start your YouTube Channel?
2. When did your love of Disney start?
3. What inspired you to start sharing your love of Disney on a YouTube Channel?
4. What are your favorite Disney topics? (Disney Film, Disney Parks, Disney Collectors Items, etc.)
5. If you could meet one Disney YouTuber, who would it be?
6. What do your loved ones think of your love for Disney?
7. What is your earliest Disney Memory?
8. Who is your favorite Disney Villain, Disney Princess and overall Disney Character?
9. What Disney character do you think you relate to the most?
10. Do you share your love of Disney outside of the YouTube Community?
11. How has the overall experience of being a Disney Youtuber been thus far?
12. What do your loved ones think about you being on YouTube?
13. How has YouTubing about Disney helped to bring “Disney Magic” into your life?
14. What are your other passions outside of Disney and YouTube?
15. What is your biggest dream for your channel?

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15 Questions getting to know us!! Join us for some fun as we share some things about us, our goals, why we do what we do. Disney questions about our favorite Disney Charactures. Come join our amazing freinds in chat!

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