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Hope you guys enjoy my Disney tag!

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1. Your favorite Disney Movie?
2. Walt Disney World OR DisneyLand?
3. Favorite Disney Princess?
4. First Disney Movie You Remember Seeing in Theaters?
5. What Disney item Do you Collect the Most? Pins/Ears/Etc.
6. Favorite Disney Song?
7. Favorite Attraction/Ride at The Parks?
8. What is Your Dream Job at Disney?
9. Flounder, Sebastian Or Scuttle?
10. Saddest moment for you in any Disney Film?
11. Best Movie Kiss?
12. If You could live in any World from a Disney Movie what would you choose?
13. Which Disney Princess has the best Sidekicks?
14. Fav Resorts/Hotels At The Parks?
15. What Disney Movie Do You Turn To When You’re Upset/Sad?
16. What Disney Prince Would You Like To Meet In Real Life?
17. If You were Rapunzel would you have trusted Flynn Ryder?
18. For Which Disney Movie Are You Awaiting?
19. At What Age Did You Visit DisneyLand For The 1st Time?
20. Which Disney Sequel Would You Like To Act In?
21. What Is Your Fav Disney T-Shirt?

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Hi! and welcome to my Vlog Channel!
As you can tell, I love Disney so you can enjoy those videos here as well as just some fun vlogs about my life!
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This tag was created by Cinder Ali Loves Disney and Wrestling with Disney! If you want to do this tag check out Cinder Ali’s Get to know you video in the description for the questions! Thanks for watching
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In this video, I have discussed about the common mistakes that dependent do and get rejected most of the time in an interview. Visa acceptance depends on different factors but the only thing that is in anyone’s control is preparing properly for any visa interview.

Just go through the video and know what you can do to improve and increase your chances of getting visa. You should avoid the basic mistakes so as to get the visa. Also, there are different things that needs to be taken care of before going to an interview.

This video is just for information.

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Taken from Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) Extended Edition (2019). I know Disney-Fox final deals through August q7 2019 so See Ya!

Note: This video is dedicated to Cameron Boyce’s memory.

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. A couple of days ago, Cameron Boyce, one of my favorite actors from one of my favorite movies, Disney’s Descendants, passed away from a seizure. So, in memory of Cameron Boyce, I’m going to tell you 5 fun facts about Disney’s Descendants you probably didn’t know.

In memory of Cameron Boyce (Born May 28 1999 – Died July 6 2019)

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