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So, Pete’s got a dragon, some townsfolk have their reservations about it, and all works out in the end, right? Well these thirteen things about Pete’s Dragon are anything but simple, so don’t just Passamaquoddy them by.

13. Originally intended as an installment of the The Magical World of Disney TV series circa 1957, it was shelved until 1975.

12. There were plans to move the lighthouse, specially constructed for the film, to the Disneyland theme park. Unfortunately, the building had deteriorated beyond repair before this could be done.

11. Animation director Don Bluth was told by the producers to create 900 feet of animation on a $1.8 million budget. When the producers were impressed with the first few scenes he completed, they updated their demand to 1800 feet of animation but neither increased the budget nor the production schedule. Bluth delivered the completed animation on time but was reprimanded for going $75,000 over budget.

10. Alcohol abuse is a key theme in the film’s plot. Helen Reddy, Mickey Rooney, and songwriter Al Kasha all had alcoholic fathers.

9. Animators Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, and John Pomeroy regularly worked 100 hours per week during production. When they applied for overtime pay, their superiors suggested that they instead receive one hour off for each hour of overtime they worked. At the end of production, all three men were owed six continuous weeks of time off. They used this time off to work on their private project, Banjo the Woodpile Cat.

8. This is Ken Anderson’s final film for Disney. Having spent much of his early life in East Asia, he based Elliott on the Chinese dragon trope; the ancient Chinese consider dragons good while Western cultures consider them evil.

7. The scene where Mickey Rooney and Red Buttons drunkenly walk to the cave to see Elliott turned into a massive ad-lib session, with each comedian trying to outdo the other with pratfalls and slapstick.

6. Originally, Elliott the dragon was not to be seen at all in the film and remain invisible throughout. However, members of the studio animation department gradually lobbied studio heads to increase the amount of visible screen time. At first it was decided he would be only seen at the end of the film, but ultimately the character’s screen time was increased to 22 minutes.

5. The story was set in the fictitious eastern seacoast town of Passamaquoddy. The movie set, however, was constructed on the west coast. This explains why the sun appears to be setting in the east in the scene early in the movie in which Nora exits the lighthouse after putting Pete to bed.

4. This was the very first film released on VHS by Disney’s home media outlet, Walt Disney Home Video. They HAD done releases on the Discovision, but this was the first program they released on their own, on the VHS/Betamax magnetic tape formats plus Laserdisc format at some point, and has the smallest stock number of every home media release the company put out.

3. A Ska-Punk version of the song “It’s Not Easy” was recorded by members of Reel Big Fish and Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer.

2. Don Hahn, who was assistant director to Don Bluth on this film, gained some experience working with a combination of live-action and animation before later going on to work on Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

1. One technique used in the movie involved compositing with a Sodium vapour process, whereby up to three scenes might be composited together – for example, a live foreground, a live background, and an animated middle ground containing Elliott.

Pete’s Dragon (1977)
G | 2h 8min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy | 3 November 1977 (USA)
An orphan boy and his magical dragon come to town with his abusive adoptive parents in pursuit.
Director: Don Chaffey
Writers: Malcolm Marmorstein (screenplay), Seton I. Miller (story)
Stars: Sean Marshall, Helen Reddy, Jim Dale

D23 or Disney 1923 club
This is something that most people don’t know about
If you do then ur probably a Die Hard Disney Fan
This is an exclusive Club; that is actually Disney’s one and only club.
If your curious this is how why when and what D23 is.
The Pros and Cons
How you can join and why you would
How it could be beneficial to you

Music: Music: In A Dream

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Come and get to know my ‘Disney-Side’ a little better as I talk all things Disney in this Disney Tag video. I was tagged by Olivia from the Channel Queen Of The Mansion to answer these 18 Disney-themed questions.

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My name is Mark and welcome to my channel following the adventures of me, my Husband and our Daughter.
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10 Disney facts
10 Disney Magic Band Facts!!!
So I have watched and researched a lot to compile these facts!
Some videos I have watched ignore a lot of key information.
I think these facts help you better understand WHAT your getting depending on HOW your going to Disney World.
The bands aren’t a 1 for all type deal. And I explain that in the video.
But no matter what a trip to Disney is always a Happy Day! 💛💚💜

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Aquí les comparto el audio que me envió ayer Rosa Trinidad quien es una antigua compañera de trabajo de los años 90s, la cual me contacto a raíz de ver mi página en las redes y a quien el día de ayer 5 de Abril 2019 le fue aprobada su visa a Estados Unidos y se escucha muy felíz. Cuando retire su pasaporte con la visa, me tomaré una foto con ella para que sea compartida con los seguidores de la página.
You should have all of the below information ready when starting the ESTA application:
Full name and date of birth
Passport information (passport number, country of issue, expiry date)
Credit card information (card number, expiry date, CVV)

Do I ever need to re-apply for a travel authorization?
You may consider submitting a new application if any of this is true in your situation:

My passport has expired, and I have received a new passport
I have changed my legal name
I have changed my legal gender
I have changed my citizenship
My life circumstances have changed in a way that would make any of your previous ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses to ESTA questions no longer applicable

Your previous ESTA authorization expires, either because your passport has expired or because two years have elapsed since your authorization was granted

The United States developed an electronic travel authorization system for its Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The ESTA system ensures that visa-free travel is more secure and allows nationals of countries that participate in the VWP to obtain their travel authorization online.

Who may apply for ESTA?
If you plan to visit the United States as part of the VWP by air or by sea, you may apply for a travel authorization. All travelers who have not secured a visa (infants included) should obtain an authorization before traveling to the United States. You may apply by utilizing a third party on any traveler’s behalf to obtain the ESTA.

Is a Visa and the ESTA the same thing?
The ESTA authorization is not a visa. It is a pre-clearance to travel under the VWP, which is designed to allow travelers to bypass the time-consuming visa process. The ESTA authorization is not equivalent to a United States visa by any means, and cannot be substituted for a visa in situations where a visa for travel is required. You do not need an ESTA if you already possess a valid visa.

Can I apply for an ESTA without access to the Internet?
ESTA is an online system, and Internet access is needed. However, travelers without Internet access can engage a third party (a service agent, travel agent, relative, or friend) to submit their ESTA application on their behalf. No matter the case, you are still the legally responsible party for any answers submitted on your behalf

Step 1 is to complete an ESTA application.
Go to the ESTA website and fill out the application provided with the required information: The list above as well as your current travel arrangements, your credit card information, and all the security questions. An application must be submitted for all members of your party who do not have a visa. This includes minors.

Make payment for the ESTA Application Fee.
Make a payment for utilizing our review and processing services of $89.00 USD. The cost includes the mandatory US government fee of $4.00 USD processing fee (that is outlined in the Travel Promotion Act, 2009), and $10.00 USD if your application goes through successfully and is approved.

Receive your ESTA by e-mail.
You will normally receive your ESTA travel authorization within a few hours. However, the reviewing, and the processing of an application may take longer. In this case, you can expect your travel authorization emailed to you within at least 72 hours.

You can only receive one of three total application statuses:
Approved. The system will provide a printable PDF document of your approval and a receipt for your payment card records, and you are authorized to travel under the Visa Waiver Program. However, an ESTA authorization does not guarantee admission to the U.S. A Customs and Border Protection officer will inspect you before entering the U.S., who will determine your eligibility to enter the United States.

Not Authorized. In this case, you have not been authorized to utilize the Visa Waiver Program to travel to the United States. This is not a denial of entry into the United States, or that you cannot travel to the U.S., but simply that you are not eligible for the Visa Waiver Program. You may visit the U.S. Embassy to discuss how to obtain a visa.

Pending. If your status is “Pending”, it means that an immediate determination cannot be made by the system, and your travel authorization is under further review. In this case, you will receive the necessary information to check your application status after 72 hours.

You are not required to bring a paper printout of your ESTA status with you on your trip. The DHS will have an electronic record of your authorization. However, it is recommended that you have your printout available if any questions should arise during your trip.

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