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Traveling to Disney. There is a place where dreams are fulfilled, that place is called Disney. As children, we are delighted with the idea of taking a trip with friends or family to visit the most famous mouse in the world.
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If you’ve wanted to go to Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii, I’m sharing 40 things to know about Disney Aulani before you go! This video is full of Aulani Tips and Secrets so you know more about the resort. In our Disney Aulani Review, you’ll learn more about the Aulani Luau, Ways to Save Money in Hawaii, how to save money booking your Disney Aulani Vacation, an Aulani Villa Room Tour, info about the Aulani Spa, things to avoid at Aulani & the Aulani Pool!

This is the most extensive and complete Aulani Travel Guide out there because I wanted you guys to know everything going in & before you book your Aulani Trip in Oahu, Hawaii!

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PLEASE NOTE: This video WAS NOT SPONSORED. We paid for this trip ourselves using all of the budgeting tips and other money-saving/travel tips I’ve shared with you guys here on YouTube & Instagram. I hope that shows you that it IS possible! If you haven’t seen my budgeting video that shows how we save money up for our vacations, watch it here:

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