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DISNEY GIRL DISNEY MAGIC KINGDOMS GAME LIVESTREAM! CHANGES TO TOWER CHALLENGE 8! UPDATE 33 IS HERE! NEW comfy costumes from Ralph Breaks the Internet for our princesses + Pascal from Tangled + NEW Prince coming to the kingdom in the next Tower Challenge!

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Watch as I invite more new magical characters to my storybook!

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Welcome to another episode of Disney Trivia! Gaby is back to win bigger! Answer along if you think you can!

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Welcome to the show! I’m your host, GAMEBUDZ! This is the world premiere of Do You Know Disney?! The game show that makes you answer questions for big money! Prepare to answer the toughest questions and test your Disney knowledge!

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Do you know Disney… and general knowledge?

Our friends at io9 recently published an extremely glowing preview of what Star Wars fans will be able to expect from the Galaxy’s Edge theme parks at Disneyland and Disney World, including the revelation that all food, drinks, and merchandise in the two parks will push the shtick that your experience is actually happening in the Star Wars universe (meaning no Disney t-shirts or name brand soda, just First Order t-shirts and Diet Jar Jars or whatever). The parks will even include references to stuff that happened in the tie-in novels and Marvel comic books that Disney created to promote Galaxy’s Edge, which is basically the purest and most beautiful distillation of the empire that Walt Disney built. We’ve Been to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Life Will Never Be the Same  For Star Wars fans, two things have always been true. It’s a world we all dream of visiting but…Read more Read Anyway, Disney has finally announced when Galaxy’s Edge will be open to the public, giving the rest of the world a chance to be the hero of their own canonical Star Wars story that will never, ever be acknowledged outside of the specific Galaxy’s Edge merchandise. As reported by Deadline, the Disneyland version of the park will open in California on May 31, while Disney World visitors will have to wait until August 29 for Galaxy’s Edge to open in Florida. Apparently, the original plan was hold the Disneyland opening until June, but Disney moved it up because of the “tremendous demand” for the park—not to mention the need to get the park open for as long as possible before the premiere of Episode IX. Disney also dropped a 30-second teaser video for Galaxy’s Edge that’s pretty much all CG versions of the rides and clips from the movies, so it doesn’t really offer a whole lot of worthwhile information. …
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