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Thanks to a 4Chan leak, here is everything we know about Marvel’s huge roster of upcoming Disney+ series!

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Today’s vlog is all about Disney’s Animal Kingdom! I take you through the park & share valuable tips and tricks that you should know before you go!

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I wish these things happened to me 😉

Disneyworld or Disney land which on is better??

Please don’t take it too seriously

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Here is a run through of everything we have on Disney’s new live action Lion King.
Happy New Years!

THE LION KING (2019) Everything You Need To Know! Live Action Disney Remake, Beyoncé New Movies HD
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Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you you peaceful Christmas which you will spend together with your family! I wish you also all the best in the upcoming new year and don’t forget to follow your dreams and make sure you do in your life what makes you happy!
Just to remember again this is for fun! The answers are not in some “repeatable order” so don’t try to guess which answer will be next. Test yourself and share your score in the comments!
Thanks for watching and have a very nice day and Christmas!

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With one year to go until Star Wars Episode IX there will be at least one Star Wars fan film about Vader released from Star Wars Theory and a re-edit of The Last Jedi by Ivan Ortega. Who knows more about Star Wars? Disney or the fans? Watch the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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