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So, I’ve noticed that all my recent animatics that have sound have Lin-Manuel Miranda’s voice in them, whether it’s Hamilton, Mary Poppins Returns or, in this case, Moana. It’s just a funny coincidence! Lol

DISCLAIMER: This song belongs to Disney and Lin-Manuel Miranda. I just made an animatic for fun and I’m not trying to take credit.

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Check Out How These Deleted Scenes Would Have Made These Disney Movies Much Sadder
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Incredibles 2: Deleted Scenes That Could Have Changed Everything
5 Lion King Theories That Change Everything ►

These deleted scenes from your favorite Disney movies will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about characters and plotlines. Even the most loyal Disney fan can still be surprised by saddest scenes the studio decided not to keep in the final cut of the most beloved movies. From alternate endings that would totally change movies like “Lion King,” to shocking opening scenes in films like “Incredibles” that will make your stomach turn, prepare to be shocked.

Thought you knew “Toy Story”’s Woody and “Frozen”’s Elsa? Just wait until you meet Evil Elsa and Bad Woody! You won’t believe what “Pinocchio”’s Geppetto considered doing inside the whale, or what could have happened to Pudge the fish in “Lilo & Stitch”. You might even have to hold back tears as you watch sad scenes that never made the cut in “Cars,” “Zootopia,” “Mulan,” and “Emperor’s New Groove”. See them all in this video, and let us know which deleted scene you find the saddest of them all.

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Reacticorns React to: The Most DISTURBING Secrets Disney Don’t Want You To Know
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It’s official – Disney has announced that they will start production for Zombies 2! What do you think is going to happen in this sequel? Comment all your theories below. Dont forget to subscribe and turn on your bell notifications xo

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In this quick video I share with you 15 facts about the Walt Disney World Monorail! Did you learn anything new? Let me know in the comments!

Monorail History video–

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Vlogging all around central Florida, and the country! Theme park tips, tricks and secrets and Walt Disney World history videos! Subscribe to keep up with all the adventures!

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I took an Oh My Disney quiz. I had to pick songs and see which Disney villain I am.

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These Disney Sidekicks Were The Real Stars And Totally Deserve Their Own Movies!
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What It Would Be Like If Disney Princesses Were Mothers ►
Belle Should Have Married Gaston In The Beauty And The Beast And Here’s Why ►

We all know Disney princesses are iconic. But you know who deserves more praise? Their sidekicks. Many of them stay with the princesses through thick and thin and remain loyal at all times. They often have way bigger flaws in terms of their character and personality, but they pull it off. Come on, wouldn’t you want an independent movie from someone like Lumiere and Cogsworth? Or even Pascal from “Tangled”? They all have their own comedic moments that really make the movie a million times better. Having their own backstory or even a focus story in general would be so deserved! We’ve gathered some of the most underrated Disney sidekicks and gave a few reasons why we think each one deserves their own movie.

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