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Hello Guys,
This is the PART 3 ( FINAL) of My USA F1 Student Visa Interview Experience in the U.S. Embassy, Nigeria.

You have not watched part 1 & 2?

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Here are the necessary links to help you with the process!
Steps for Visa Application:

Visa fees:

DS-160 Form:

DS-160 Form:

Nairaland Forum:

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My name is Aladi Akoh (Rosemary) and I’m a Nigerian YouTuber based in the US.

I am currently in Graduate School & I am passionate about sharing my experiences in the USA to help others who are working towards furthering their Education here as well.
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Congratulations “Mansi Kaushal” on getting 🇺🇸#USAVisa with the help of our visa experts.

Her father received her visa. Previously, she also got her 10 years #CanadaMultipleVisa with our help.

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Here’s the video on US Visa Applicants Now Required to Submit 5-Year Social Media History! Here’s What You Need to Know!
Time Stamps:

2:45 – History of Social media monitoring
5:48 – DS-160 changes
7:03 – How this changes will affect F1 Visa, H1 b Visa, Green Card
8:49 – What to do now and what not to do?
9:40 – What to do if you have already submitted DS-160?
11:33 – Instagram QnA

Please don’t go and delete your social media profiles after watching this, it will also turn into red flag.

Following are the links I researched – from official government website:

Here’s the sample form of DS-160 and still same old, nothing has changed.

DS-160 Form –

All the Website articles I went through


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A US Tourist visa, on the other hand, is usually valid up to 10 years. So it makes sense to get a US Visa, especially if you’re planning to travel to Central and South America.

UAE (Visa on arrival for 14 days)
Free transit in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for 48 hours even if you do not have US visa
Philippines (Visa-free entry for 14 days)
Singapore (Visa-free transit for 96 hours)
Taiwan (Online Travel certificate is necessary)
Malaysia (Transit pass for 120 hours only in-group tours)
South Korea (Visa-Free for 30 days if you transit to or from USA from or to India. Visa-Free to visit Jeju Island for 30 days)
Oman (e-Visa for 30 days)
Turkey (e-Visa for 30 days)
Georgia (Visa-free entry for 90 days)
United Kingdom (Free transit)
Montenegro (Visa-free entry for 30 days)
Albania (Visa-free, only with multi-entry US visa, visited US at least once)
Macedonia (Entry for 15 days)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (Visa-free entry for 30 days)
North & Central America
Mexico (Visa-free for 180 days)
Guatemala (Visa free entry)
Belize (Visa-free for 30 days US multiple entry visa holders only)
Honduras (as mentioned by other tourists, official document awaited)
El Salvador
Costa Rica (Visa-free for 30 days for US multiple entry visa holders only)
Panama (Visa-free, only with multi-entry US visa, visited US at least once)
Cuba (Free transit for 72 hours, Tourist card needed for more than that)
Bahamas (Entry letter upon arrival, official document awaited)
South America
Colombia (Visa-Free entry)

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