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10. There was once a horrific accident where a person got decapitated on Disney World’s Space Mountain.

9. There are people who try to dump the ashes of their loved ones on Disney property.

8. Walt Disney didn’t allow women to be animators for he believed that women do not do creative work.

7. In the past, Disney used real human bones and skeletons to decorate their Pirates of the Caribbean Ride when it first opened.

6. Disney made an episode in 1943 called “Der Fuhrer’s Face.” It’s about Nazis, and it shows Donald Duck as a Nazi in what later turns out to be a dream sequence. The short film actually ended up winning an Oscar.

5. While at work, Disneyland employees are obligated to wear company-issued underwear in case their undergarments happen to show from under their costumes or uniforms while in character.

4. There is a naked woman in a Disney animated movie called “The Rescuers”. The woman is visible for a brief moment while Bianca and Bernard are riding past in a sardine can. It’s an actual photo that appears in the film. This led to a huge recall of the movie and the image was taken out of later versions of the film.

3. 50+ children were hospitalised with salmonella after the release of The Princess and the Frog, for they all tried to kiss a frog in hopes of it transforming into a human.

2. In the Lion King, the stars aligned in a way which seemed to spell out the word ‘SEX’. The special effects team later stated they were actually trying to spell out ‘SFX’ as a hidden message, but it was too controversial and the whole thing backfired.

1. In the original version of The Little Mermaid, the bishop who marries Ariel and Prince Eric was a little too excited and appeared to be erect. After many complaints, a second version of the film was released with the sexual content removed. Disney has been accused of sneaking in hidden and dirty subliminal messages in the past that are pretty shocking when you really take a closer look. There has been much controversy on whether this was done on purpose or if it was simply coincidental.



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