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Entrevista con el Presidente de la compañía Visa Solución,
“Jose Gómez Urquiza”
donde nos habla de las oportunidades
para trabajar en USA
Oportunidades que están disponibles
para traileros y Mecánicos Diesel
que están fuera de USA
Transportistas con experiencia
de un mínimo de 3 años
buen récord, honestos, trabajadores,
que dominen el Eanglish.
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Topics covered in “Study in USA for Indian Students | Student Visa USA | US Visa” video :

– Requirements to study in USA for Indian students.

– Proof of financial resources for USA student visa application from India.

– Cost of Studying and Living in USA for International students.

– Funds required to study in USA from India.

– IELTS requirements to study in USA for Indian students.

– Why study in US and Post study work opportunities in USA.

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If you get low GRE score and want to still pursue the dreams on MS in USA – Here’s some of my personal advice!

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To get a chance for staying and working in the US is not that difficult, what you need to do is just to apply for the US Diversity Visa program. And this video will help you to complete the process.
នេះគឺជាសេចក្តីបកប្រែនៅសេចក្តីនែនាំពីការចុះឈ្មោះលេងឆ្នោទៅនៅនិង ធ្វើការនៅអាមេរិក។