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Things to Know About Mary Poppins Returns

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Hi everyone!! I finally got around to filming this easy colourpop eyeshadow tutorial using their Disney collection! I had to do Ariel first since she is my favorite! Let me know who is your fav Disney Princess and until the next time! XOXO Nelly

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Me doing all the Disney princess character’s for Do they know it’s Christmas, for all the people around the world…..

We have the date inside….
Stealing Solo:
Lunatic City:

Me performing do they know it’s Christmas for people around the world.

ESTA Visa Stati Uniti – Online Visa Waiver Program Italia

Ottenere l’ESTA è facile se sai come farlo! Il tuo viaggio negli USA inizia da qui.

Please excuse the strange way this is posted on YouTube. My phone is weird. I don’t know how to get it horizontally. But I hope you enjoy . If you have any questions let me know in the comments .

I Bet You Don’t Know Who Sang This Great Classic Disney Song.

When You Wish Upon a Star.

Looking through a book on the classic era of ukulele, I learned that a ukulele player and singer was the voice of Jiminy Cricket in the movie Pinocchio, and sang When You Wish Upon a Star. His name was Cliff Edwards. He was also called Ukulele Ike and had had a #1 hit Singin’ in the Rain in 1929.

Ukulele Heroes: The Golden Age, Ian Whitcomb

Emojis make communication more exciting and lively. But did you know that they can also make your brain work harder? The thing is that today’s emojis are often used to create cool puzzles. In this video, you’ll have to figure out which Disney movies have been encoded with the help of emojis!

Question #1 0:14
Question #2 1:30
Question #3 1:46
Question #4 2:01
Question #5 2:16
Question #6 2:32
Question #7 2:47
Question #8 3:03
Question #9 3:18
Question #10 3:34
Question #11 3:50
Question #12 4:05
Question #13 4:21
Question #14 4:36
Question #15 4:52
Question #16 5:08
Question #17 5:23
Question #18 5:39
Question #19 5:54
Question #20 6:10
Question #21 6:25
Question #22 6:41
Question #23 6:56
Question #24 7:12
Question #25 7:27
Question #26 7:43
Question #27 7:58
Question #28 8:14
Question #29 8:29
Question #30 8:46

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– Your total score is 0 to 10 points. You are probably not a fan of Disney productions. Also, your friends don’t usually find any emojis attached to your messages.
– Your total score is 11 to 20. You might not know when every Disney movie was released. And you may not recognize some of the oldest or less famous characters. But at the same time, you know all the hits!
– Your total score is 21 to 30. You’re a guru of Disney movies! You know not only the most popular ones but also those which weren’t a huge hit at the box office.

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We’re plunging into Splash Mountain to find 10 things that maybe you didn’t know about Disney’s famous log flume theme park water ride!

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