20 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About Disney’s Frozen

How many of these facts did you know about #Disney #Frozen ?#Frozen2 #DisneyFrozen


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  1. I love this video glad to see you back Azalea Hart your so Amazing I missed your videos it been long time since you put on your the best

  2. I really liked this format! Awesome job and keep up the great work, Azalea

  3. shorter videos are always better 😉

  4. Any jelsa shipper here?

  5. A lot of interesting facts. Great video 👍👍

  6. glad elsa is not viillain thumbs up 4 agreeing

  7. check out the movie little on my chanel

  8. Shouldn’t u give recognition for the elsa and jack frost picture the artist who made it

    • @Azalea Hart Alice Creates she has a YouTube if you type in Elsa and Jack frost daughter it shows up in the first or second video

    • You’re absolutely correct – do you know who it was? I would love to tag them!

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