Disney: Beauty and the Beast
Song: I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner

This is a list of acronyms that I think anyone applying to the Disney College Program, or just Walt Disney World in general should know!

Terms I already realize I forgot to mention:

EHH – Extra hours hotline, when you pick up a shift at a location that is not your own you are a EHH cast member

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Can you recognize these 10 Disney-Movies just by hearing their music on piano? Write the name of the movies in the comments! Do the challenge with your friends or kids! You find the solution in Piano Challenge #3 (will be uploaded February 18).

Very few people can tell the movie that Song number 9 is from. Can you?
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Disney VHS Collecting: I NEED HELP! Don’t know what variation of Pinocchio this is

These are some of the craziest secrets and facts you may have not realized about Disney, Disney Princesses and more!

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25 Secret Facts DISNEY Doesn’t Want You To Know!

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Tonight, join us as we discuss what we know about the live action movie Aladdin being released this year in May.

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These Disney Sidekicks Were The Real Stars And Totally Deserve Their Own Movies!
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What It Would Be Like If Disney Princesses Were Mothers ► https://youtu.be/LF0HDWSxcM0
Belle Should Have Married Gaston In The Beauty And The Beast And Here’s Why ► https://youtu.be/wI7_YJswZx4

We all know Disney princesses are iconic. But you know who deserves more praise? Their sidekicks. Many of them stay with the princesses through thick and thin and remain loyal at all times. They often have way bigger flaws in terms of their character and personality, but they pull it off. Come on, wouldn’t you want an independent movie from someone like Lumiere and Cogsworth? Or even Pascal from “Tangled”? They all have their own comedic moments that really make the movie a million times better. Having their own backstory or even a focus story in general would be so deserved! We’ve gathered some of the most underrated Disney sidekicks and gave a few reasons why we think each one deserves their own movie.

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