Do You Know Disney, covering Living with the Land with Jessica and Kyle from i2i: Disney Through Our Eyes. We ask 15 trivia questions about this Disney World ride in the Epcot The Land pavilion. Be sure to watch until the end for bloopers and outtakes!

1. Where is the Living with the Land attraction located?

2. What year did the ride originally open?

3. What was the original name of Living with the Land?

4. What was changed along with the name in 1993?

5. Who have been the three sponsors for this ride?

6. What type of ride is it?

7. How many boats does the ride have?

8. How many riders per boat?

9. How long is the ride time?

10. How many animatronics?

11. What never realized WDW attraction had some of its animatronics repurposed here?

12. What are the two distinct parts of attraction?

13. How many different biomes (habitats) are displayed in 1st part of the ride?

14. How many different areas are in the Living Laboratory?

15. What two scenes end the ride, technically part of the Creative Greenhouse?

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You best believe that my dad will be back for more Disney fun!

Due to popular demand, my dad is here to answer some of the questions you guys have been asking and I also put him to the test of his Disney knowledge! How does he do?

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